Press-Release 2008-03-25

PlaySys develops a Unigine-based 3D adventure game

PlaySys, an Italian media and entertainment studio, bought Unigine license for its realtime projects. One of them is an adventure game "The Dreamers".

"We were developing our internal engine when we discovered Unigine, which attracted us by its complete material editor and intuitive workflow. Because of our photorealistic approach to design and architecture visualization we decided to use Unigine technologies. The great power of this middleware will let PlaySys express its creativity, thanks to the rich set of features provided by Unigine. Actually we are working not only on photorealistic visualizations, but on a cartoon-style (with sad mood) 3D adventure videgame also. This Unigine-based project is named "The Dreamers", you can found more info on our development website:", said Luca Deriu, Creative Director of PlaySys.

"The Dreamers" has great spirit, it's definitely very interesting game. Moreover, PlaySys development team has surprised us by their efficiency and competence, they've created the demo without asking us a single question. We are glad to see that our technologies can drive different types of projects, including unique ones. I suppose that "The Dreamers" will be a good example of what happens when high technology meets creativity", said Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp.