Press-Release 2007-10-18

Qilqax International acquires Unigine v0.4 license

Unigine Corp., the developer of a high-quality 3D graphics engine - Unigine, and Qilqax International, a Panama production company, have signed a license agreement for the engine. Recent Unigine technologies are to be used in a very innovative unannounced media project. For more details please contact

"Among the wide variety of 3D graphic engines available we chose Unigine for many reasons: the wide range of real time post processing tools, its high speed real time dynamics and great customer support. But above all, we believe both companies, share the same vision of innovation in media. We are confident our collaboration with Unigine is going to be a key element in the success of the project."
// Edgardo Munoz-Najar, CEO of Qilqax International.

"The team of Qilqax International uses non-standard approach to real-time 3D worlds, we suppose that success of the project can reveal more potential of such technologies. The project itself is very interesting and of high quality, we are eager to see it announced in the coming months."
// Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp.