UNIGINE participated in the virtual exhibition and conference vIITSEC 2020

Dez. 11, 2020

On November 30 — December 4, UNIGINE took part in vIITSEC, the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training exhibition and conference. This year, the conference was conducted in the virtual format, hence the name: vIITSEC, or the virtual Interservice/ Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference. All technical papers, tutorials, and demonstrations were held in a specially created virtual exhibit hall so that participants could visit the event online.

More than 200 speakers from public and private organizations involved in both research and development and the practical application of technologies, as well as 134 exhibiting companies from various industries, took part in the event.

At our virtual booth, we demonstrated why UNIGINE should be the number one choice for developing a simulator, why more and more companies worldwide choose UNIGINE to train unmanned vehicles and AI, what technologies are hidden under the hood of UNIGINE what the actual total cost of ownership of UNIGINE is for certain projects.

During the event, hundreds of conference participants and guests visited the UNIGINE's booth.


Exhibitor materials and session video recordings will be available on the vIITSEC website through March 2021 (registration is paid).

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