Devlog 2018-04-29


New version of UNIGINE was released. This release was aimed at making your experience with UNIGINE 2 even better by improving the UI and functionality of the Editor and tools and adding more useful and long-awaited features.

There are three editions of the SDK: Еntertainment edition (games, interior Visualization, films, VR apps), Engineering edition (BIM, urban planning, CAD, smart objects, GIS), and the Sim edition (professional simulators, enterprise VR systems, computer vision). What features have appeared in the new version?

Voxel GI Solution, Which Doesn’t Require UV Mapping 

Сreating quality UV layouts for the most of the content used in architectural visualization (high-poly models) is a very difficult task. There’s no need to create UV channels for this purpose anymore.

Improved Assets Workflow For Both Artists And Programmers

This feature simplifies control and provides strong synchronization between assets and runtime files. Moreover, it is easier now to access your files via code.

All operations with assets including creation, deletion, copying, and relocation become simple and clear. No more garbage files in your project’s folder: orphan runtime files with no assets linked to them will be removed in a timely manner.

Dynamic Terrain Modification, Destruction Of Trees and Grass

Improved runtime modification of grass and clutters is now available, enabling you to modify the environment in your application — cut down trees in the forest or stamp the grass flat when driving a vehicle, simulate forest areas ravaged by fires, etc.

Easy Configuration For Multi-channel Rendering

Improved visual editor, offering advanced configuration of dome screens, calibration patterns, hotkeys, various configuration templates (dome, wall, CAVE setups) out-of-the-box will help you build and adjust the required view configuration quickly and efficiently.

Synthetic Terrain Generation

Also you receive the ability to generate an arbitrary terrain (ObjectTerrainGlobal) without georeferencing, according to your own preferences is now at your disposal. 

Procedural Generation of Buildings

Procedural generation of buildings on the basis of shapes contained in vector data sources (2.5D). You can specify a tag to select the data from the source and determine attributes to be used to define building category and the number of floors. 

A Bunch of Visual Features

  • Improved anti-aliasing (both FXAA and TAA)
  • More realistic light scattering
  • Lens flares
  • Better Sun and Moon rendering
  • Screen Space Bevels (a new effect for auto-beveling edges of arbitrary geometry without the need to bake normal maps and any extra polygons)
  • Dynamic cross-sections visualization

Improved Logic System: Refactored Properties, Experimental Component System

We refactored the Properties system, for a cleaner API and easier hierarchy management. All properties used in the project are now loaded on the engine start-up. 

The new experimental Component System, that allows you to implement your application’s logic via a set of building blocks - components, and assign these blocks to nodes. A logic component integrates a node, a property and a C++ class containing logic implementation.

Other important improvements

  • Major update of Unigine Editor 2
  • FBX import in runtime
  • Improved performance profiler (both CPU and GPU)
  • ObjectTerrain to ObjectTerrainGlobal migration tool
  • General performance optimizations
  • Leap Motion integration
  • Multiple performance optimizations