Success Stories

UNIGINE Engine is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of our customers in various industries including video games, VR, science, military simulation, architecture etc. Many of the features that are now the core part of UNIGINE Engine were developed upon requests of our customers. This approach is really game changing and is one of the great advantages of UNIGINE over competition. This is also a huge advantage for our customers.

Ai3D Pty Ltd

Ai3D Pty Ltd is a 3D visualisation company with Studios in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded by Steve Brodie, an Engineer, and Nat Harrold, a Landscape Architect, who together with their expert team are one of the leading providers of 3D realtime visualisation globally.


UNIGINE Engine has enabled Ai3D to become one of the most capable real-time visualisation companies worldwide having completed over 60 architectural, landscape, engineering and infrastructure projects.

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